Weekend Box Office Breakdown! – (6/30 – 7/2)

Welcome back Beardlings to the Weekend Box Office Breakdown, where we take look at the box office grosses of the 5 most popular movies of the weekend! As always, here are the numbers courtesy of Box Office Mojo: Despicable Me 3 - $75,410,275 - New Release Baby Driver - $21,000,000 - New Release (Wednesday Release) Transformers: The … Continue reading Weekend Box Office Breakdown! – (6/30 – 7/2)

Wonder Woman – Spoiler Review

This past weekend I again had the privilege of going to see and, this time, the honor of taking my wife. I was pretty excited to see¬†Wonder Woman again, not just because I had a hot date, but because I always like to look for early hints and clues to the later reveals that I … Continue reading Wonder Woman – Spoiler Review