The Founder – Movie Review

If there's an American out there that has never eaten anything from McDonald's, I like to meet that person and call them a liar to their face cause I highly doubt such a person exists. It's honestly hard to imagine modern life with out seeing those Golden Arches every few miles along the highway on … Continue reading The Founder – Movie Review

Weekend Box Office Breakdown!

It's Sunday which must mean it's time for another Weekend Box Office Breakdown!  As always let's start off with the weekend estimates from Box Office Mojo! Annabelle: Creation - $35,040,000 - New Release Dunkirk - $11,405,000 - 33.4% Drop The Nut Job 2: Nutty by Nature - $8,934,748 - New Release The Dark Tower - $7,875,000 - 58.9% … Continue reading Weekend Box Office Breakdown!

Mr. Mercedes – “The Pilot” – TV Review

Stephen King seems to be experiencing something of a renaissance in TV and film these days. Whether its The Dark Tower or the impending IT remake in theaters or Under the Dome, 11/22/63, The Mist, or the mysterious Castle Rock on TV, King's works are being mined for screens both big and small.  Which brings us to the most … Continue reading Mr. Mercedes – “The Pilot” – TV Review

Why Marvel Is Winning the Movie War (At Least For Now) – Editorial

There are some fights that will never be settled. Ford vs Chevy.  Beans or no beans in chili. The orientation of toilet paper: over or under. (Over, you freaks...)  And of course, the fight that has raged on in nerd culture for decades: DC or Marvel. Man oh man is that a fight starter in … Continue reading Why Marvel Is Winning the Movie War (At Least For Now) – Editorial