Welcome and THANK YOU for checking out WildeBeard Reviews (pronounced like wildebeest, the African animal), my name is Franklin and movies are my passion.  One of my very favorite things to do is to go see a brand new movie in the theater. There’s just something about letting yourself sink into the experience, watching the giant screen, listening to the all encompassing sound, feeling the swell of the music in your bones, and riding the emotional wave of the movie.  I absolutely love it when I get out of a movie and I have to sit in my car for a minute or I have to drive home in silence, just to let myself absorb what I just experienced.

I fell in love with movies at an early age. I was a heavily introverted, socially awkward kid who had trouble making friends (and grew up into a heavily introverted, socially awkward adult who has trouble making friends) and as such I spent a lot of time at home playing by myself.  I have also lived in Texas my whole life so going outside during the summers is an iffy proposition and with only a couple friends to play with, I usually found myself just watching TV and since a man can only watch so many sitcom reruns, I turned to movies. I remember watching movies any way that I could.  Every Saturday and Sunday, there was a local broadcast TV station that would play three movies each afternoon from 12pm-6pm and I would religiously check the TV guide to see what was coming on.  Those lazy weekend afternoons are where I watched the Police Academy movies, the Beverly Hills Cop movies, and many more. Now that was just the weekends.  During the summers, I stayed home with my grandmother who would take me to one of the two Blockbusters (remember them?) that were within a mile of our house and let me pick out two or three movies nearly every week then for the rest of the week, I would watch those movies on repeat until it was time to take them back. I mainlined movies as a kid, they were my escape, my refuge, and it a lot of ways, they still are.

Why did I start this site? Well, aside from the fact that I love movies, I started following a lot of YouTube personalities like John Campea, Chris Stuckmann, Alicia Malone, Jeremy Jahns, Mark and Krisitan from SchmoesKnow, Jon Schepp, Ashley Victoria Robinson, and Jason Inman and many others and as I continuously watched their movie reviews and movie news discussions, I found myself formulating my own responses to what they were talking about and as my own voice became clearer and clearer I decided I needed a place to make my voice heard.

Welcome to WildeBeard Reviews! Thank you for coming to my site and reading what I have to say.  It means more to me than you could ever know.


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