DC TV Recap – Week 1 – Premiere Week

Welcome back to WildeBeard Reviews folks where today we’re gonna try something a little bit different – instead of a movie, today we’re gonna talk about some good ole fashioned TV shows and some of my personal favorites at that! As you may be able to discern from the incredibly clunky title, this will be the first entry in a new series where each week, we will talk about all of the DC TV shows on The CW. We’ll give some quick thoughts on the episode, speculate on where we think the season is headed, call out some fun Easter eggs, etc, etc.  Without much further ado, let’s get into it! (SPOILERS AHEAD!)

Supergirl – S3E01 – “The Girl of Steel”

Just to preface this conversation, Supergirl is probably my least favorite of the current slate of DC TV shows on The CW.  Overall, I find it incredibly preachy and more often than not, it’s messaging has the subtlety of a Taco Bell shart in an elevator.  However, despite all it’s flaws, Supergirl is still a part of the DC TV family and I will always watch it.  The Season 3 premiere finds Kara pining away for her lost love, Mon-El, and throwing herself fully into her Supergirl persona at the expense of her family, friends, and even her job. Honestly, while this is a fine character arc from where we left off last season, I never bought into the Kara and Mon-El relationship and thus it’s hard to buy Kara being down in the dumps over it.  I get that it’s the natural progression of her character but the chemistry just wasn’t there enough last season for me to care about Mon-El being gone this season.  I was very happy to see Kara pull out of that funk at the end of the episode though and hopefully we don’t get a full season of emo-Kara a la emo-Barry from the last season of The Flash. Also, the little spurts of Cat Grant as the White House Press Secretary are going to get old really fast. I like that that’s where her character is but her jabs at the current president are so thinly veiled that the might as well have been pulled from CNN.  I’m not saying that the jabs weren’t correct or should be written out but I watch TV to forget the world I live in, not be smacked in the face with it. All in all, this was a decent episode that will hopefully lead to a great season.

What I want from this season: A compelling villain, subtlety in writing, and to never see Mon-El again.

The Flash – S4E01 – “The Flash Reborn”

I was hoping it would take more than 45 seconds to get Barry out of the Speed Force but alas that was not the case.  This episode opens with the Flash Crew, getting Mr. Allen out of Speed Force jail relatively quickly but just because he’s back with us doesn’t mean he’s “with us”.  I rather enjoyed Crazy Pants Barry and his Crazy Pants Wall Scribbles and I sincerely hope said Wall Scribbles come back into play at some point.  Overall this was probably my second favorite premiere this season. I feel like the writers actually listened to fan complaints from last season and took noticeable steps to address those issues.  It seems like the show will be brighter and happier over all and I am really excited about the prospect of a non-speedster Big Bad this year.  I’m also very interested to see where Caitlin’s story line goes and how much the writers play with her duality of personality.  Could be amazing, could just be a rehash of stuff we’ve seen before.  I’m also very excited to get a full season of both Kid Flash and Vibe fully embracing their power sets and acting as heroes outside of STAR Labs, especially Vibe. Although I am a bit worried that Wally will be sidelined as his power set is a bit redundant.  I saw an editorial last week suggesting that Kid Flash should be ported over to Legends of Tomorrow and I think I agree for the most part.

What I want from this season:  Stronger villain, happier tone, and a lot of multiverse hopping and a few scenes with all the speedsters together – Flash, Flash (Jay Garrick), Kid Flash, and Jesse Quick.  I also have an fringe hope of seeing Bart Allen/Impulse this season – I would love that.

Legends of Tomorrow – S3E01 – “Aruba-Con”

If The Flash solved it’s cliffhanger in approximately 45 seconds, Legends of Tomorrow did it in about 15 seconds. I mean, we all spent the summer wondering just what the hell happened and why there were dinosaurs but apparently so did the writers cause that got cleaned up posthaste. As much of a let down as that was, I do really like the idea that Rip has spent 5 years building a new time monitoring agency that’s actually good at their jobs and while I saw some other reviewers dumping on the Legends working mundane jobs in the interim, I actually really enjoyed it. It made me laugh, and at the end of the day, that’s what I want out of Legends of Tomorrow – turn my brain off a little bit and have some fun with time travelling hi-jinks.  Season 1 of Legends took itself way too seriously and had some enormous narrative problems but Season 2 managed to completely overhaul the show and give a really great, fun story that had some actual stakes and still fully embrace the camp that sets this show apart from it’s counterparts.  I really hope Season 3 isn’t a back slide and doesn’t suffer the standard CW Season 3 slump that befell Arrow and The Flash. Shortly after this episode aired, it was announce that Victor Garber would be leaving the show and while that is sad, I can completely understand and if any of the CW DC TV shows can handle a big name character leaving, it’s Legends of Tomorrow. The only real question though is, how does Garber’s exit affect Jax, the other half of Firestorm? Does Jax also leave the show either of his own volition or does he get killed off? Do they figure out how to transfer the Firestorm matrix to yet another person and Jax ends up with a new partner? At this point, it’s anyone’s guess, I just hope it’s handled well.

What I want from this season: No Season 3 slump, a strong villain, a worthy exit for Victor Garber, and a show that doesn’t take itself too seriously and knows how to have fun with time travel shenanigans.

Arrow – S6E01 – “Fallout”

And finally, we arrive at the granddaddy of all the CW DC TV shows – ARROW! Arrow is most definitely my favorite of the 4 DC TV shows and I have to say that it also had the strongest premiere.  I loved the way this episode teased out the results of last season’s cliffhanger and one by one, showed us who survived the destruction of Lian Yu and who didn’t.  As for those who did and didn’t make it off the island, I am perfectly fine with how it played out.  Samantha was always slated for death (in my mind anyway) and Thea became more and more useless as last season went along, even disappearing for 4-5 episodes and not being missed at all.  Being in a coma to start this season is probably the best thing for her character (#sorrynotsorry). I’m definitely excited for a full season of Dinah Drake as the Black Canary.  She came in completely unexpectedly last season and was amazing right out of the gate.  I love the Team Arrow line up as it stands now – Diggle is great (although it looks like he might be getting sidelined which sucks), Wild Dog’s new suit is sweet, Mr. Terrific finally came into his own near the end of last season, I’ve already gushed on Black Canary, and hopefully Felicity doesn’t bog this season down with romance drama stuff (although she probably will because it’s The CW).  I’m really excited to see what this season does with outing Oliver as the Green Arrow and having it finally stick. Season 5 was an improvement over Season 4 which was a vast improvement over Season 3 which was a gigantic let down from Season 2.  Don’t break trend Arrow!

What I want from this season: A continued trend of better and better seasons, a Black Canary we can all get behind, an exposed Oliver (not like that..), and to find out WHO THE FUCK VIGILANTE IS!!!!

That’s it for this week folks, but come on back next week and we’ll talk about DC TV Recap – Week 2 – The Week After Premiere Week!  ….gawd that title needs work….

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