Weekend Box Office Breakdown!

It’s Sunday evening folks which means its time for another installment of the Weekend Box Office Breakdown! Over all this feels like a really slow weekend and I’m not sure how much of that is the new releases under performing and how much of that is the summer movie season winding down as people get ready to go back to school, go off to college, or get those last minute vacations in.

As always, let’s kick it off with the raw numbers, courtesy of Box Office Mojo!

  1. The Dark Tower – $19,500,000 – New Release
  2. Dunkirk – $17,600,000 – 33.9% Drop
  3. The Emoji Movie – $12,350,000 – 49.7% Drop
  4. Girls Trip – $11,418,700 – 41.9% Drop
  5. Kidnap – $10,210,000 – New Release

Well I, for one, wish that The Dark Tower had made more but I also realize that it’s a somewhat unknown property to the general public and the Rotten Tomatoes reviews certainly didn’t help.  I, however, did enjoy the film (although most of that was due to my knowledge of the source material) and would really like to see a sequel where the film makers produce a longer movie (an hour and a half just isn’t going to cut it) and take the time to further explore the deep mythology that comes with at Dark Tower adaptation/loose adaptation.  When combined with the foreign markets, The Dark Tower grossed $27.5 million which is just under half it’s production budget of $60 million.  I hope that this film eeks out enough to warrant a sequel.  We also have to account for the TV show that will begin production either later this year or in early 2018 that will tie into the movie(s).  Hopefully if that is a big hit then Sony will take another crack at a producing a movie.

Christopher Nolan’s newest feature, Dunkirk, continues to crush it, bringing in a solid $17.6 million for a 34% drop in it’s 3rd week. Admittedly, Dunkirk has not faced overly stiff competition with movies like the supposedly abysmal The Emoji Movie, the R Rated action flick Atomic Blonde, and now the latest “could have been better” Stephen King adaptation The Dark Tower.  Nolan once again proves that both he and World War II are bankable things when it comes to movies.

How The Emoji Movie pulled in another $12 million, I’ll never know.

Girls Trip however, is worth every penny it makes because it is absolutely hysterical. I had the distinct pleasure of seeing it with my wife this past Friday night and we both loved it.  Depending on who you are, it could make for the perfect date night movie or even a great night out with friends. I actually can’t wait to see it again because my theater crowd was laughing so hard that I missed more than a few lines of dialogue.  If you need a comedy in your life right now, this one is a winner.

I don’t know who the hell went to see Kidnap. I barely knew it was a movie and I live in the world of movies. I saw a trailer for it a couple weeks back and thought it looked God awful.  At least it made back half its $20 million production budget in it’s opening weekend so in the end it might be profitable if nothing else.

Well that’s it for this week! Next week I fully expect Annabelle 2 to crush it at the box office and take the top spot.  I am too much of a wuss to go see most horror movies but I may try to make it out to see something I’ve missed over the past couple weeks.

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