Weekend Box Office Breakdown!

Well hello everyone out there in internet land! Welcome back to the Weekend Box Office Breakdown, where each week we take a look at the Top 5 box office earners and try to make some sense out of how much money they made and how they fared against their competition and themselves.  As always, here are the numbers courtesy of Box Office Mojo!

  1. Dunkirk – $28,130,000 – 44.3% Drop
  2. The Emoji Movie – $25,650,000 – New Release
  3. Girls Trip – $20,085,540 – 35.6% Drop
  4. Atomic Blonde – $18,554,000 – New Release
  5. Spider-Man: Homecoming – $13,450,000 – 39.3% Drop

I’d like to take a second and personally thank the American people for not going to see The Emoji Movie.  That may come off as harsh but when a movie has a whopping 8% on Rotten Tomatoes (meaning that only 8% of the 40 critics that even bothered to see it actually found something they liked enough to give it a Fresh Rating), it tells me that something that went into the making of this movie went horribly wrong.  For my money, The Emoji Movie just didn’t look interesting enough to get me excited for it.  Yes, casting Patrick Stewart as the poop emoji is an inspired choice and I’m always a fan of T.J. Miller’s voice work but if I wanted to watch a movie about a sentient computer program unhappy with his lot in life, I’d just go re-watch Wreck-It Ralph.

Atomic Blonde made respectable money this week, pulling in a solid $18.5 million on a $30 million budget. I do wish that it had made enough to beat out Girls Trip for the #3 spot this week but from what I’m hearing of Girls Trip, it will probably go down as the comedy of the year. Which is fine by me as it’s been a dry year for comedies thus far, at least we’ll have one comedy to hang on to. I’m actually going to go see Girls Trip this coming week so I will have a review up for that Friday night! I am also hoping to catch Atomic Blonde in theaters soon!

My congratulations to Christopher Nolan and the crew behind Dunkirk.  It’s no easy feat to stay in the top spot at the box office during the summer and beating out the new family movie AND the new R-Rated action movie is a solid win. I also send my congrats to Spider-Man: Homecoming as it only dropped 39.3% even with being dropped from 505 theaters nationwide.  It seems that this new Spider-Man has done quite a lot to undo the damage of the last couple Spider-Man films.

That’s it for this week folks! Next week we’ve got The Dark Tower, Kidnap, and Detroit hitting wide release!  I am damned excited to see The Dark Tower as it’s based on one of my favorite book series but the 92 minute run time worries me.

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