Justice League: Trailer Reaction and Breakdown!

Given that Wonder Woman is the most critically acclaimed DCEU movie and it is the highest grossing film of the summer, opening this trailer with Diana kicking some hostage taker ass is marketing brilliance.  Reminding us of the action we saw just a few months ago and immediately following it up with a spot on joke is exactly the marketing path that this film needs to take.  Remind us of the good in the DCEU and show us that the DCEU knows how to land a damn joke.  Next up we see the world mourning over the loss of Superman which I kind of roll my eyes at a bit.  I don’t buy that the universe in which the DCEU takes place (much less we the audience), saw Superman as as hero long enough to be this mournful over his death.

From what I can piece together from this trailer, it looks like the main villain, Steppenwolf, an emissary of Darkseid, arrives on Earth via boom tubes (a wormhole/portal) opened by various Mother Boxes (sentient supercomputers) at strategic points around the world, namely Themyscira and Atlantis, and then proceeds to create what looks like the fire pits that burn for eternity on Apokolips, effectively starting the process of terra-forming Earth.  If that’s the case, then it’s fairly obvious what the inciting incident is that forces the Justice League to come together as a team and win the day.  Also, if that’s the case, sign me right the fuck up because that is a deep cut story line drenched in nerd sweat!

The voice over from what I can only assume is Steppenwolf is incredible. “No Lanterns, No Kryptonian.”  Just that one line of “No Lanterns” makes me giddy. The Green Lanterns and the Batman Family are my two favorite things from the DC Universe and even through we haven’t seen anything relating to the Lantern Corp or any earth based Lanterns, the mere mention of their name and acknowledgement of their existence is enough to make me a happy nerd.

Also, if I’m being completely honest, after watching this trailer a few times, I am fully expecting Flash and Aquaman to steal this movie. I know Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman is basically perfection and Ben Affleck’s Batman is a hell of a lot better than most people expected it to be but Flash’s humor and Aquaman’s bravado absolutely cut through everything else in this trailer.  Flash’s line at the end about it being rude just disappearing on Commissioner Gordon and then running of himself, playing off a classic Batman trope?  Brilliant.  Aquaman air surfing a parademon through, THROUGH, a building?  Bad. Ass.

As for the stinger at the end of the trailer,  I have to believe that Alfred is talking to Superman.  It’s this movie’s worst kept secret that he will be returning from the dead to help save the day so while the tease is fun, the simplest answer is probably the correct one (the tinge of red we see along the bottom of the screen also helps confirm this). Although if we want to entertain other possibilities, I could see it being either Robin (Tim Drake) or Nightwing (with the red symbol instead of blue).

We are truly living in the Golden Age of Nerdom.  Movies like this were a pipe dream even 10-15 years ago and now not only do we get a couple comic book movies a year, we often get comic book movies that are nothing short of spectacular.  I can’t wait for this film, it looks incredible, the characters look to be on point, the casting looks perfect, and it seems they have a great story to work with. By all appearances, Warner Bros. has righted the DCEU ship and is on the right path to giving us some incredible films featuring iconic characters.

What did you think of the trailer? What was your favorite scene?  Excited for Justice League or do you still have reservations about the DCEU? Let me know in the comments!

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