Tuesday Trailer Roundup! (7/11/2017)

Here we are again with another Tuesday Trailer Roundup with more new movie trailers than you can shake a stick at!

The Dark Tower (Trailer 2)

I am stupid excited for this movie.  The Dark Tower series is one of my favorite book series’ and it looks like they’ve captured some of the magic in this movie.  Idris Elba and Matthew McConaughey seem to perfectly cast and even though this isn’t a straight adaptation of the books, I don’t care. It looks amazing.


This is actually two trailers (or a trailer and a TV spot) and the both look astounding.  I’ve been excited for Dunkirk ever since I heard the Christopher Nolan was directing a World War II movie and this looks like exactly what I wanted. This story is also really intriguing and one that is very unfamiliar to me.  It seems that British civilians, in their own boats, come to the aid of 400,000 men who are stranded for some unknown reason.  I can’t wait to see this movie and then read up on the actual event (I’d like to be surprised by the ending as much as possible).


I’m not quite sure what to make of this movie.  It feels like one part true crime, one part indie horror, and one part documentary.  This is one that I might let slip by me unless I hear really, REALLY good things about it.

Patti Cake$ (Trailer 2)

The first trailer for this film blew me away and this one did the exact same thing.  I am a sucker for a heart wrenching, underdog success story and Patti Cake$ looks like it checks all of those boxes.  I doubt this will be in wide release so you may have to look for showings for this one outside of your standard chain theater but it looks well worth the effort. Can’t wait to see this one.

The Ritual

Nope. Nope nope nope. So much Nope Sauce.  I am not a horror fan and while the plots may always spark a morbid curiosity in me, I just can’t stomach seeing them.  I will not be seeing this movie, which means my friends that are horror junkies will probably love it.  One note though, the cards that show up saying “They should have gone to Vegas” seem to be tonally inconsistent with the rest of the trailer.  That line, even though one of the characters says it in the trailer, still presents, to me anyway, a much different type of horror film than the rest of the trailer presents.


I’m not usually one for documentaries but this might be an exception.  The story presented her of a half a century of a Russian conspiracy to cheat at the Olympics is utterly astounding and the fact that this subject matter is being brought to light by this film in the current political climate means that if this documentary gains any kind of traction at all, it may be the biggest documentary smash hit since How to Make a Murderer.

Dave Made a Maze

This looks super fucking weird but I am on board with it.  I watched this one a couple times and there’s just something about the imagination and creativity that seems to have gone into this film that grabs me.  When it’s all said and done, it could be a piece of crap and fold under the weight of it’s own ambition but it looks like it has the potential to be a great, quirky comedy.

Godzilla: Monster Planet

Ok so I don’t get a lot out of this teaser trailer because: 1. It’s super short and 2. It’s not in English…  However, this does look pretty awesome. Godzilla versus anything get’s my attention (I watched a lot of dubbed Godzilla movies as a kid) and the animation looks spectacular.  I’ll definitely be adding this to my Netflix queue.


Ok, so the first trailer for this film was really light on story and plot details but big on natural disaster destruction which was enough to grab my attention especially with that shot of the frozen jet liner falling from the sky.  Now we get the general idea of the plot of this movie: we create satellites to control the weather to prevent natural disasters and then the system get’s buggy and/or someone fucks with it.  Hell. Yes.  This movie looks like a big, dumb, fun thrill ride where you turn off your brain and shove popcorn and Sour Patch Kids in your face for two hours.  Geostorm has my money.

The Black Prince

Alright this looks pretty good.  This is the first I’m hearing of this film and it comes out in two weeks which doesn’t fill me with a ton of confidence.  I doubt this will make any money at the box office but it may find an audience on streaming services.

California Typewriter

Well that was certainly not what I was expecting when I pulled up that trailer.  With the thumbnail being Tom Hanks, I expected some sort of drama centered around a writer trying to finish a book or something, not a manifesto against the digital age and a revolution powered my typewriters.  I will say it did grab my attention and this might be one film I have to track down.


Meh…. I’m not feeling this one.  The premise looks somewhat promising but I’m not sold on this film based on this trailer and Halle Berry as the lead.  Might catch this one on Netflix when it inevitably ends up there.

A Taxi Driver

I’m not much one for foreign films but this one looks worth the effort of tracking down.  I was getting the impression that it was a comedy and then the trailer took a hard left turn in to a historical drama. I was not expecting that.  This movie looks wonderfully acted and beautifully put together.

I Am the Blues

Well it seems this is a documentary heavy week and just like the others, this one looks pretty awesome.  I may not have mentioned it before but I’m a musician and the subject matter of this documentary hits me just right.  I’m not a huge fan of the blues but I am a fan of people playing real music from the heart.


This looks like a charming, heart warming gem of a movie filled with great character and great writing and seems like it has the potential to be a sleeper hit.

Fun Mom Dinner

This looks fun but I can’t escape the feeling that this is just a lukewarm rehash of Bad Moms.  It could be fun and we definitely need more female led comedies but I’m not sold on this one.

The Wall

Wow.  I have always been a fan of war movies and this one looks fantastic.  It looks so different from any other movie that I’ve seen.  Aaron Taylor-Johnson is almost unrecognizable and this might the movie that makes him a household name.  John Cena also, surprisingly, looks pretty sharp.  Count me in for this.


I actually saw this trailer when I went to see Beatriz at Dinner but it just now popped up on my YouTube subscriptions feed and this one looks like it could be a really great, feel good drama.  Ethan Hawke looks to be at the top of his game and the story seems really sweet.

The Conway Curve

Ok, yea I’m not feeling this one.  It looks like it could be cute and quirky but it also feels like a Lifetime movie of the week.  Not buying into this one.


I started out not liking this trailer but somewhere in the middle of it, I started smiling despite myself.  Unlike the entry above this one, this cute and quirky comedy looks to be hitting it’s jokes and has an pretty solid cast to boot.

A Family Man

If I’m being honest, I feel like I’ve seen this movie already but this trailer also managed to suck me right in. I wouldn’t call Gerard Butler an A-List actor but damn if I didn’t start feeling for him, not to mention the rest of the cast: Alison Brie, Gretchen Mol, Alfred Molina, and Willem DaFoe?  Solid cast for what looks like a solid movie.

Kickboxer 2: Retaliation

I made the executive decision to not include the trailer for this.  You’re welcome.

Savage Dog

I don’t know why I DID include the trailer for this piece of crap.  This looks terrible. I really don’t have anything else to say.


That’s it for this week folks! Come on back next week for the next installment of the Tuesday Trailer Roundup!

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