Tuesday Trailer Roundup! (7/4/2017)

Here we are again with another Tuesday Trailer Roundup - this time with 16 new trailers! Let's get into it! The Greatest Showman Not many trailers hit on all cylinders but this trailer hit me hard - gave me goosebumps, made me smile, and made me a bit misty-eyed.  This film looks spectacular and this … Continue reading Tuesday Trailer Roundup! (7/4/2017)

Baby Driver – Movie Review

Normally after I see a movie that I plan on writing a review for, I sit on it for a day, just to let it marinate in my brain, to decide how I feel about it past any initial, knee-jerk reactions that I may have, to let my mind think back through the movie and … Continue reading Baby Driver – Movie Review

Weekend Box Office Breakdown – June 23rd-25th

Here we are again at the end of the weekend which means its time to talk about how things went at the Box Office and just like every week, there's definitely some interesting things to break down! Lets get into it, starting off with the Weekend Box Office Estimates courtesy of BoxOfficeMojo.com. Transformers: The Last … Continue reading Weekend Box Office Breakdown – June 23rd-25th

Re-Visit Review #2 – The Losers

Wow, what a difference 7 years makes in Hollywood. Back in 2010 when The Losers hit theaters: Jeffrey Dean Morgan was coming off a 23 episode run on Grey's Anatomy and had  starred in Watchmen, another ill-fated comic book adaptation Zoe Saldana was just starting to make it big after her superb portrayal of Uhura in J.J. Abrams' Star Trek (2009) … Continue reading Re-Visit Review #2 – The Losers

Weekend Box Office Breakdown: June 16th – 18th

Welcome back Beardlings to a new edition of the Weekend Box Office Breakdown!  I know it's been awhile since we've discussed the weekend box office numbers but the results from this past weekend was interesting enough to warrant resurrecting this series (with a new format).  Without any further ado, lets get into it! The Numbers: … Continue reading Weekend Box Office Breakdown: June 16th – 18th