Weekend Box Office Predictions!

Weekend Box Office Predictions! Weekend of 3/31-4/2 Howdy Beardlings and welcome to this weeks BOX OFFICE PREDICTIONS where I, your favorite WildeBeard, take a shot in the dark and try to guess what movie will land a spot in the coveted Top 5 and how much green they'll bring in! Let's get into it! #1 … Continue reading Weekend Box Office Predictions!

Power Rangers (2017) Movie Review

GO GO POWER RANGERS, YOU MIGHTY MOPRHIN POWER RANGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!! There, now that’s out of my system. So the Power Rangers movie reboot is finally here, the newest property to get a big budget modern reimagining hoping to cash in on nostalgia.  This movie definitely had its naysayers from the moment it was announced especially when … Continue reading Power Rangers (2017) Movie Review